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Nickel Metal Hydride D Battery with Solder Tabs - 1.2V/10AH

BBM Battery Canada

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BBM supplies the Nickel Metal Hydride D Battery with Solder Tabs. This Industrial strength 1.2V/10AH flat top battery is ideal for building battery packs, or for single cell applications. It can be supplied with Solder Tabs (as above), Consumer Cap or Flat Top.


 If you require bare flat top, or consumer caps on your Industrial Strength Ni-Mh D Cells - See the Cross Reference Recommendations Above.


If you require BBM to build Battery Packs with these D NiMh cells -sales@BBMBATTERY.COM OR CALL 1 888 328 6587 



Voltage - 1.2V

Capacity - 10AH

Chemistry - Nickel Metal Hydride

Dimensions - 33mm x 60mm (1.3" x 2.36")


D-10000 Features:

- No memory effect

- Up to 1000 cycles (Charge/Recharge) 

- Reliable Performance