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Doosan 300419-00035, EMTRS0327C-1 Replacement Battery for Vision AC Servo Drives

BBM Battery Canada

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BBM supplies the Replacement Doosan 300419-00035, EMTRS0327C-1  Battery for Vision AC Servo Drives and Pro Motion AC Servo Drives. This battery is also known as EZ6DVTT14A, COMP-303, 300419-00035, 300419-00035A - these are in stock and ready to ship and are made in our ISO certified facility.

This Battery Crosses to and Replaces the Following
EZ6DVTT14A, COMP-303, 300419-00035, 300419-00035A Battery for Vision AC Servo Drive and Pro Motion AC Servos Drive

Doosan 300419-00035 BATTERY ATTRIBUTES

Part Number - 300419-00035
Dimensions - 2.02"H (51mm) x 0.62" (14.5mm)
Chemistry - non rechargeable Lithium
Voltage - 3.6V
Capacity - 2600mAh