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Verathon Bladderscan BVI 3000, BVI 2500 Battery Cross to 0400-0039

BBM Battery Canada

Regular price $84.95 CAD

BBM supplies the RETROFIT Part # 5088 for the Varathon Bladerscan BVI 3000. Delivering 7.2V/2.1AH of power, this Rebuilt Battery is a direct cross to the 0400-0039 Battery and also replaces the BVI 2500 Battery.

NOTE - this is a REBUILD ONLY. As such, you must send the old battery to us. We open up the old pack and replace all cells and components.

BUY your Critical Medical Replacement Batteries from Canada's ONLY Health Canada Certified Battery Manufacturer. We are ISO 13485 Certified.



Volts: 7.2 Volt
Capacity: 2.1 Ah
Chemistry: NiMH
Weight: 0.6
Dimensions: 2.37 x 2.30 x 1.40"
Type: Retrofit
Warranty: 12 Month