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HBC AF-FUB03M, BA203060, BA222060 & KH68302500 Battery fits Abitron, Hetronic TGA, TGB

BBM Battery Canada

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BBM Battery supplies the CS-FUB03BL Battery for the HBC Battery AF-FUB03M, BA203060, BA222060,  & KH68302500.  This battery for Radiomatic Radio Control systems fits HBC BA222060, FUA71, FUB3A, BA203060, BA222060, FUB03A Micron 4 and Micron 5. It also fits the Hetronic, Abitron TGA and TGB systems. In stock and ready to ship.



BA203060 Battery Attributes
Voltage 6.0 V
700 mAh
Chemistry Ni-MH
Dimensions 55.84 x 52.12 x 14.09mm

Fit Model:

Abitron TGA Battery , Abitron TGB Battery

Hbc BA222060 Battery , Hbc FUA71 Battery , Hbc FUB 3A Battery , Hbc FUB3A Battery , Hbc Radiomatic BA203060 Battery , Hbc Radiomatic BA222060 Battery,  Hbc Radiomatic Fub03A Battery , Hbc Radiomatic Micron 4 Battery , Hbc Radiomatic Micron 5 Battery

Hetronic TGA  Battery , Hetronic TGB  Battery 

Part Number:
Abitron KH68302500

Hbc AF-FUB03M, Hbc BA203060, Hbc BA222060, Hbc KH68302500

Hetronic 253211

    BIN CS-710