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XB10 Replacement Battery for XACT Wristlinx

BBM Battery Canada

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BBM supplies the CS-CXB10TW Battery for the XACT Wrstlinx Wristwatch Communicator. This battery crosses with Xact Communication XB10 Battery and it fits the below models.

Models that this battery are known to support:
Xact Communication, wristlinx X2x, wristlinx X2x-2, wristlinx X33xif, wristlinx X33xif-2, wristlinx X3x, wristlinx X3x-2, x2x Wristlinx, x33xif Wristlinx, x3x Wristlinx, xb10  

Battery codes that this product is known to replace:
Xact communication, xb10  

Manufacturers that this product will replace:
Xact Communication

Part# - CS-CXB10TW
Dimensions - 47.87 x 30.02 x 4.47mm
Chemistry - Li-Ion
Voltage - 3.7V
Capacity - 550mAh

BIN: CS-810