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Sony BP-HP550-11, Radio Shack 33-122 Wireless Headset Battery Replacement


Regular price $14.95 CAD

BBM supplies the aftermarket CS-SRF860SL battery for Sony MDR-RF4000, MDR-RF850  Headsets (complete list below). This 2.4V/700mAh will cross directly to the Sony BP-HP550-11 Battery. In stock and ready to ship 

Fit model:

Sony MDR-RF4000 battery ,Sony MDR-RF400RK battery ,Sony MDR-RF810 battery , Sony MDR-RF810K battery ,Sony MDR-RF840 battery ,Sony MDR-RF840RJ battery ,Sony MDR-RF850 battery ,Sony MDR-RF850RK battery ,Sony MDR-RF860 battery ,Sony MDR-RF860RK battery , Sony MDR-RF925 battery ,Sony MDR-RF925RK battery ,Sony MDR-RF970 battery ,Sony MDR-RF970RK battery

Part Numbers:
Sony BP-HP550-11, Sony Radio Shack 33-122

Battery Specifications:

Battery Type:     Battery Pack
Voltage:     2.4 V
mAh:     700 mAh
Chemistry:     Ni-MH