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Siemens V30145-K1310K-X444 Battery Replacement for Gigaset, SL and other models

BBM Battery Canada

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BBM Battery supplies the CS-SX780CL for the Siemens x656, SL785, Gigaset SL610H Pro, the Unify 52-S2352-R141,  L30250-F600-C230 and more. This Li-ion cordless phone battery delivers 3.7V/830mAh of power and is a direct replacement for the 4250366817255, S30852-D2152-X1 and more - see complete lists below. In stock & ready to ship. 

This battery will fit the following models:

Gigaset SL400, Gigaset SL400A, Gigaset SL400H, Gigaset SL610H Pro, Gigaset SL750, Gigaset SL750H, Gigaset SL78, Gigaset SL780, Gigaset SL785, Gigaset SL788, Gigaset SL78H, Gigaset X656, L30250-F600-C230, OpenScape SL5 professional, OpenStage SL4, OpenStage SL4 professional, S30852-S2352-R141, SL400, SL400A, SL400H, SL78, SL780, SL785, SL788, SL78H, x656 

Unify: 52-S2352-R141, L30250-F600-C230, OpenScape SL5 professional, OpenStage SL4, OpenStage SL4 professional

This battery will replace the following part numbers:

Siemens: 4250366817255, S30852-D2152-X1, V30145-K1310K-X444, V30145-K1310-X444, V30145-K1310-X445

Battery Specifications:
Part No.: CS-SX780CL 
Chemistry: Li-ion 
Voltage: 3.7V 
Capacity: 830mAh 
Rate: 3.1Wh 
Dimensions: 52.95 x 35.10 x 4.50

BIN CS-210