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Shark XB1916, XB1911, HHD10012 Battery for V1940C


Regular price $34.95 CAD

BBM supplies our V1911N High Capacity Shark, Euro Pro Battery for the V1940C Cordless Sweeper. This 6V/3.0AH battery is in stock and ready to ship - $34.95e



High Capacity Battery for Shark Cordless Sweeper V1911, Shark-V1911N

Direct replacement for:

Shark V1911N, V1911-FS, XB1916, HHD10012 Euro Pro Shark battery.

2 Speed Cordless Sweeper replacement battery

Battery Attributes :
Amp H     3.0
Battery Type     Battery Pack
Voltage     6.0 V
Chemistry     Ni-MH