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Powersonic, PSC-64000A Charger

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    :    PSC Series
Current, Output    :    3.50 A (Typ.)
Dimensions    :    6.65 in. L x 5.30 in. W x 3.40 in. H
For Use With    :    Batteries
Mounting Type    :    Wall Mount
Standards    :    UL and CSA Listed
Temperature, Operating    :    0 to +40 °C
Type    :    Dual Volt. Auto Type
Voltage, Input    :    110⁄120 VAC
Voltage, Output    :    6 V (Typ.)

Sealed Lead-Acid Battery Chargers, 110⁄120 VAC Input Voltage Electronically regulated Automatic dual rate chargers sense battery requirements and automatically switch from the fast charge to float mode, or vice versa.

LED’s provide visual indication of the charging mode. Automatic chargers combine the advantages of float and cycle chargers 

Battery Attributes
Amp H
Voltage 6.0 V