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Powersonic CB14L-A2 Powersport Battery


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This Powersonic High Performance Lead Acid battery can succesfully replace the seasoned battery found in any of your Powersport vehicles and supply each machine with the power needed to get you moving forward.  The direct replacements for this battery can be found in the description below.


This battery replaces the following part numbers listed:

Exide 14LA2 battery , Energizer 02074780 battery , GS (JSB) GM14Z-3A battery , GS (ZYI) CB14L-A2 battery , Motocross M2214Y/M3214Y battery , NAPA 740-1851 battery , Sears 44364 battery , Wal-Mart ES14LA2 battery , Yacht CB14L-A2 battery , Yuasa YB14L-A battery , PowerSonic 12N14-3A battery , PowerSonic PTX14AHL-BS battery , DEKA ETX15L battery , GS (ZYI) GT14L-BS battery , Motocross M62H4L/M72H4L battery , SEARS 44005 battery , YUASA YTXAHL-BS battery , YB14L-A1 battery , YB14L-A2 battery , YB14L-B2 battery , SYB14L-A2 battery , SYB14L-B2 battery , Champion 143A, GS (JSB) 12N14-3A, GS (ZYI) 12N14-3A, Motocross M2241B/M3241BY battery , NAPA 740-1856 battery , Yacht 12N14-3A battery , Yuasa 12N14-3A battery 


CCA: 190

Application: Powersport Vehicles

Acid Volume (Oz.): 30.4


Availability: In stock, call for quantity discounts on product.

Battery Attributes:

Amp H     14.0
Battery Type     
Voltage     12.0 V
Chemistry     Lead Acid

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