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Powersonic PHR-12400 High Rate Sealed Lead Acid Battery, 12V/110AH with insert terminals

BBM Battery Canada

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BBM supplies the  PHR-12400 Battery. As an integral part of the Power-Sonic PHR High-Rate Range of sealed lead acid batteries (often referred to as high-rate VRLA). These 12V/110AH Batteries deliver 430.00watts per cell of energy ensuring reliable performance in UPS applications for up to 10 years.

All Power Sonic batteries are subject to stringent quality controls through every step of the manufacturing process ensuring both consistency and reliability.

Performance Specifications PHR12400 SLA:

Nominal Voltage: 12 volts (6 cells)

Nominal Power (15 min.): 430W/Cell

Rated Capacity:
20-hr. (5.50A to 10.80 volts) 110.0 AH
10-hr. (10.70A to 10.50 volts) 107.0 AH
8-hr. (12.90A to 10.50 volts) 103.2 AH

Approximate Weight: 69.2 lbs. (31.4 kg)

Internal Resistance (approx.): 3.6 milliohms

Max Discharge Current (5 Sec.): 1650 amperes

Charging Voltage @ 77°F (20° C)

Case: Flame Retardant ABS Plastic (UL 94 V-O)

Cross Options:

  • C&D - UPS12-400 MR
  • CSB - HRL12390W
  • EASTPENN Deka Unigy - HR4000
  • ENERSYS - 12HX400
  • NORTHSTAR - NSB 12-400
  • RITAR - RA12-100H
  • VISION - HF12-470W-X

Battery Attributes:
Capacity   110AH
Battery Type Sealed Lead Acid
Voltage  12.0 V
Chemistry  Lead Acid

Spec sheet

MSDS (Material Safety Datasheet)