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Philips Medical MP5 Battery, M4605A. Fits Intellivue MP20, MP30, MP40, MP50, MP70


Regular price $240.00 CAD

In Stock, In CANADA - $240.00e. BBM Battery supplies the M4605A, DR202P, 6139-A, 989803135861 Battery for the Phillips Medical Intellivue Patient Monitors.  See complete list below:

Output: 10.8 Volts, 7800 mAh
Dimension: 3.5 x 5.88 x 0.78 inches

Extended Capacity Intelligent Battery With Fuel Gauge.

This is a 9 cell Lithium Ion rechargeable battery pack designed to work in Philips Medical Intellivue MP5, MP20, MP30, MP40, MP50, MP70, M8000, M8001A and M8002A series patient monitors.

This battery ships fully charged, tested and ready to work.