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Nortel NTTQ4021E6, NTTQ4044E6 Battery Replacement

BBM Battery Canada

Regular price $34.95 CAD

BBM supplies the aftermarket replacement for the Nortel NTTQ4021E6 Battery and the NTTQ4044E6 Battery. Delivering 3.7V/1800mAh of capacity this battery will keep your Nortel phones fully operational. 



Item No.: CS-BPL100CL

Capacity: 1800mAh

Type: Li-ion

Voltage: 3.7V

Rate: 6.66Wh

Color: Black

Dimension: 61.90 x 38.00 x 14.20mm

Fit Model:

  • NTTQ4021E6
  • NTTQ4044E6

BIN #: CS-1100