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Metrologic MS9535, 9535BT Battery Replacement for Scanner

Regular price $29.95 CAD

BBM supplies the CS-MSF953BL Battery for the Metrologic MS9535 (models below) this is a cross for Metrologic 00-06260A, 46-46870, 46-46870 Batteries - full list below. These batteries are in stock and ready to ship - $29.95e

Battery Specifications:

Chemistry   Li-ion
Voltage   3.7V
Capacity   1400mAh / 5.18Wh
Dimensions   55.76 x 34.20 x 28.30mm
Model Number   CS-MSF953BL

Fit Metrologic Model:

Metrologic Dolphin 9535 Battery , Metrologic MS9535 Battery, Metrologic MS9535 VoyagerBT Battery, Metrologic MS9535BT Battery , Metrologic Voyager 9535BT Battery

Metrologic Battery Part Number:

Metrologic 00-06260A Battery, Metrologic 46-46870 Battery, Metrologic 46-46870 Battery, BTBJ-9535X-1K1KSM Battery, ML95L1-G Battery


BIN CS-1815