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Logitech MX Master Battery part number 533-000120

BBM Battery Canada

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BBM Battery offers the CS-LMX052RC for Logitech Wireless Mouse - MX Master 2, MX Anywhere 2 and more (see below). This Li-Polymer replacement battery offers 3.7V/450mAh of power and is a direct cross to the Logitech AHB303450, 533-000121 and more. In stock & ready to ship. 

NOTE -- This battery comes with 2 different types of connector. This connector is the white version - see photos above.  If your battery has the black connector - please order CS-LOT650SL in the link below:

This battery will fit the following models:

Logitech: 910-004362, 910-004374, M-RO052, MX Anywhere 2, MX Master, MX Master 2, MX Master 2s, MX Master 3, MX ERGO

This battery will replace the following part numbers:

Logitech: 533-000120, 533-000121, AHB303450, L/N: 1412

Battery Specifications:
Part No.: CS-LMX052RC
Chemistry: Li-Polymer 
Voltage: 3.7V 
Capacity: 450mAh
Rate: 1.67Wh 
Dimensions: 36.84 x 25.20 x 5.60mm 

BIN - CS-709