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Enersys Genesis NP8.5-6 Battery for Dual-Lite 12-535

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BBM Supplies the Enersys Genesis NP8.5-6 Battery. With F1 terminals (.187") this 6 volt 8.5Ah valve-regulated, maintenance free battery will do the job. Since their introduction, Enersys has set the standard for quality, reliability and excellence in the rechargeable sealed lead-acid battery market. This standard has been used as a benchmark in industries such as security, UPS backup, telecommunications, emergency lighting and medical equipment. Enersys leads the race where the need for reliable and dependable power is required.

The Genesis NP8.5-6 Battery provides extremely high energy density, leak proof construction,  and excellent performance in either float or cyclic applications. With its inherent LONG service life - this battery is the premiere battery available in this form factor. It comes with F1 Terminals for easy installation.

This battery is a cross/replacement to the Dual-Lite 12-535 Battery.


Genesis NP8.5-6 Battery Attributes:

Capacity 8.5Ah
Dimensions 3.82 x 2.2 x 4.65"
Maximum Operating Temperature +50 °C
Minimum Operating Temperature -15 °C
Nominal Voltage 6V
Operating Temperature -15 to +50 C
Product Header NP Series Sealed Rechargeable, Valve Regulated Lead-Acid Battery
Series Genesis NP Battery Series
Size Rectangular
Tab Type Rectangular Lead Acid Batteries
Termination Quick Disconnect: 0.187" F1 terminal
Voltage Rating 6V
Weight 3.2

Enersys NP8.5-6 SDS 

Enersys NP8.5-6 Spec sheet