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Energizer PLED23AEH Pen Light Flashlight

BBM Battery Canada

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Dont be caught in the dark. BBM supplies the Energizer PLED23AEH Stainless Steel Penlight. offering 35 Lumens of brightness and 20 hours of continuous operation with the 2 AAA Energizer alkaline batteries provided. This push button pen light delivers ease of operation and the steel clip makes for easy to attachment  to a shirt pocket, tool belt or backpack.


Light Output Run
Beam Distance Impact Resistant
35 lumens 20 hours 9 meters 1 meter


The Energizer PLED23AEH Pen light features one watt lifetime LED bulb that NEVER needs changing. The bulb is 12 times brighter than standard bulbs. The push button tail switch offers one-handed operation and the secure clip holds fast to pocket briefcase or tool bag.  This light comes with an aluminum body, which minimizes damage from dropping and abuse. 

Product Details :  

  • Compact pen light provides bright white light and is handy to use almost anywhere
  • Stainless steel case minimizes damage from dropping or wear & tear
  • Pushbutton tail switch for one-handed operation
  • Steel clip holds securely to pocket, tool bag or briefcase
  • Stainless steel flashlight includes two AAA Energizer MAX® batteries