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Dyson 968670-02, 968670-03 Battery for SV11, V7 Motorhead, V7 Trigger & V7 Total Clean Vacuum

BBM Battery Canada

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BBM supplies the Dyson CS-DYC710VX Battery. This HIGH CAPACITY Lithium-Ion replacement battery for DYSON SV11 & V7 Series Vacuum Cleaners, is an upgrade on Dyson 968670-02, 968670-03 Battery part numbers.

Please check to make sure that your model requires a 21.6V Li-ion battery. You will need a different replacement battery if your appliance currently uses a battery with a different voltage rating. Carefully check the pictures provided above to verify that they match the characteristics of your vacuum battery.

**PLEASE NOTE: This battery requires screws for proper replacement. Screws are NOT INCLUDED with purchase of this battery pack.**

Description of CS-DYC710VX:

Chemistry    Li-ion
Voltage      21.6V
Capacity    3000mAh / 64.80Wh
Dimensions   130.85 x 80.60 x 122.05mm
Model Number   CS-DYC710VX

This battery will fit the following models:

SV11, V7, V7 Motorhead, V7 Motorhead Pro, V7 Total Clean, V7 Trigger

This battery will replace the following part numbers:

968670-02, 968670-03


BIN CS-1901