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5N31AG Emergency Lighting Battery Pack - 6V/5.0AH

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Also Known As: ELB-0604N, ELB-0605N, ELB-0604N1,  1599, and many others

Specifications: 6V/5.0AH hump battery pack with connector - 2.36" x 3.82" x 2.33"

If this battery has a higher mAh rating than your original version---please do not be concerned. This means it will work for longer when and if required. By no means will if negatively affect the operation of your emergency lights.  

Also Fits:
Dc Battery 1599, Emergi-Lite GAL, Emergi-Lite Q2035, Interstate Batteries ANIC0048,
Light Alarms 5N31AG, Lithonia ELB0604N, Lithonia ELB0604N1 , Lithonia ELB0605N,    
Lithonia RFC1EL, National Power Corp 1205D,  National Power Corp NP1205D,
Panasonic MRDF3.F2C, Powersonic DH/56


PLEASE NOTE - some of these battery part numbers take the flat versions - others take the hump version. This is the hump version---if yours is the flat version----see below: