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Eureka 39150, 60776, 68112 Battery Replacement -BBM Battery

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BBM Battery supplies the CS-ERK96VX Battery for the 96 series Eureka Cordless Stick Vacuum.This replacement battery pack is rated at 6.0V/2200mAh. It is designed specifically for your device and is manufactured to a very high standard to promote optimum performance. This battery is designed with high quality components within our ISO 9001 certified factory.



  • Models that this battery is known to support:
    • EUREKA – 6A, 96, 96A-1, 96B, 96DZ, 96F
  • Battery codes that this product is known to replace:
    • EUREKA – 39150, 60776, 68112
    • Cameron Sino – CS-ERK96VX
  • Manufacturers that this product is known to replace:
    • Eureka, Cameron Sino 
Battery Attributes
Voltage 6.0 V
mAh 2200 mAh
Chemistry Ni-MH


BIN #: CS-1402