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Apple Ipod 616-0159, E225846 Replacement Battery for 10GB M8976LL/A, 40GB M9245LL/A, 15GB M9460LL/A, 15GB M9460LL/A & more


Regular price $24.95 CAD

BBM supplies the CS-IPOD3HL battery as an replacement for apple iPOD 3th Generation, iPOD 20GB M9244LL/A, iPOD 15GB M9460LL/A ...and more ( see list below) . In stock & ready to ship.

Capacity: 900mAh
Type: Li-ion
Voltage: 3.7V
Rate: 3.33Wh
Color: Black
Dimension: 48.22 x 31.90 x 6.41mm

Fit Model:
Apple iPOD 10GB M8976LL/A Battery , Apple iPOD 15GB M9460LL/A Battery , Apple iPOD 20GB M9244LL/A Battery , Apple iPOD 30GB M8948LL/A Battery , Apple iPOD 3th Generation Battery , Apple iPOD 40GB M9245LL/A Battery

Part Number: 
Apple 616-0159 Battery , E225846 Battery

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