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384 , SR41SW Maxell Battery

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Used in Watches, Electronics and more.

Contains leak resistant processing; helps to ensure that batteries remain sealed and tight.

Equivalent to:

D392, 392, SR41W, SP392, SB-B1, K, AG3, LR41, SR41, SR41W, V392, 392BP, S13, 192, L736, G3, L736F, V36A, L736H,  A3, 736, L736, S736

Additional Reference:

Awci: S13

Energizer: 392/384, 384/392, Md392, Md384

Ucar: 392/384, 384/392, Md392, Md384

Eveready: 392/384, 384/392, Md392, Md384

Citizen: 280-13, 280-11

Duracell: D392/D384, D384/D392, D392, D384

Battery Attributes
Battery Type Button Cell
Voltage 1.5 V
Chemistry Alkaline
Size Button Cell
Terminal Type Pressure Contacts


BIN 1028