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373 , SR916SW Maxell Battery

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Normally used in watches, with a shelf life of 5+ years

Other applications may include calculators, film cameras, medical instruments, cash registers, or FA instruments (measuring instruments, onboard microcomputers, sensors)


  • Low Drain Type - Best used with analog watches
  • A flat discharge curve during discharge supplies a stable voltage until the end of the discharge life
  • Featuring Maxell's original leak-resistant processing

Also Known As:

280-45, 280-61, 372, 373, 373L, 539, 617, D 372, D 373, D372, D373, R 373/41, RW 317, SB-AJ, SB-AJ/DJ, SP373, SR 916 SW, SR/TR916W, SR68, SR916, SR916SW, SR916W, SR916W/SW, V372, V373, WA

This Battery is cross-referenced as:

AWCI S40, Energizer 373, UCAR 373, Eveready 373, Citizen 280-45, Duracell D373, Mallory D373, Gold Peak GP73, Sylva-cell GP73, Maxell SR916SW, Panasonic SP373, National SR916SW, Rayovac 373, Rayovac RW317, Renata 373, Renata 41, Seiko SR/TR916SW, Sony SR916SW, Sony 373, Energytec SR916SW, Energytec 373, Toshiba SR916SW, Varta V373, Varta 539

Battery Attributes
Battery Type Button Cell
Voltage 1.5V
Capacity 29mah
Chemistry Alkaline
Size Button Cell
Terminal Type Pressure Contacts