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Cordless Phone Replacement Battery for Alcatel 28106FE1, GE 2-8106, Philips ID 555 and Many More ...

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Our CS-P28115CL is a Lithium-Ion cordless phone replacement battery offering 3.7V/500mAh of power.

This battery will fit the following models:

Alcatel 28106FE1 Battery, Alcatel 28115FE1-A Battery, Alcatel 28118FE1 Battery, Alcatel 28118FE1 Dect 6.0 Ultra Slim Battery, Alcatel Versatis Slim 300 Battery, Alcatel Versatis Slim 300GE 28115FE1 Battery

Ge 2-8106 Battery, Ge 28106FE1 Battery, Ge 2-8106FE1 Battery, Ge 2-8115 Battery, Ge 28115FE1 Battery, Ge 2-8115FE1 Battery, Ge 28115FE1-A Battery ,Ge 2-8118 Battery,  Ge 28118FE1 Battery, Ge 2-8118FE1 Battery,Ge 28118FE1 DECT6.0 UltraSlim Battery, Ge 5-2762 Battery, Ge 5-2770 Battery

Grundig Scenos Battery, Grundig Scenos A Battery

Philips ID 555 Battery, Philips MC-163-500 Battery

Swissvoice Iron Battery

Thomson 28106FE1 Ultra Slim Dect Battery, Thomson 28115 Battery, Thomson 28118 Battery,Thomson RU1873GE3-A Battery

This battery will replace the following part numbers:

Ge 5-2762, Ge 5-2770

Philips 5-2762, Philips 5-2770, Philips BF021P

Thomson PL-043043

Battery Specifications:
Battery Type Battery Pack
Voltage 3.7 V
mAh 500 mAh
Chemistry Lithium ion
Terminal Type Wire Leads / Connector


BIN CS-208